Berry Scary Mocktail

Berry Scarry Mocktails

 Halloween around the Heggins house is a bunch of frills and cuteness. Our two year old costume fortunately is still at my total discretion. The four year old and very opinionated girl child has all sorts of creative ideas about her costume of choice a ventriloquist. My girly girl 8 year old unexpectedly decided she…

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Sweet Potato Cookie Pies ~ Grain Free

Cookie Pies (1024x683)

One of the toughest parts of transitioning to a  grain free diet, for me has been finding treats that will satisfy all my senses. I’ve found great tasting desserts but the texture is off. Or maybe the texture is perfect but the taste isn’t quite right. Sharing is caring….

Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies+ My Food Allergy Story

Final cookies

When I started food blogging last year, I was dealing with some pretty bad eczema. I’ve suffered with eczema as a child which was treated with weekly steroid injections at the allergists. The injections worked and I’d built an immunity which let me go on for years eating everything under the sun without incidence. Then…

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