Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies+ My Food Allergy Story

Final cookiesWhen I started food blogging last year, I was dealing with some pretty bad eczema. I’ve suffered with eczema as a child which was treated with weekly steroid injections at the allergists. The injections worked and I’d built an immunity which let me go on for years eating everything under the sun without incidence.

Then suddenly during my second pregnancy, the Eczema had come back and with a vengeance. I switched to all natural and organic products, I stopped using perfume, I changed my sheets 4-5 times a week, I cleaned insistently, but nothing worked….

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My Camera Broke

Broken NikonJust a quick update, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may already know that my camera is Broke! Not like a little broke where I can have my husband make a few adjustments to make it work, but it’s all the way finished. I have a Nikon D3200 and there aren’t many qualified Nikon technicians on this side of the Atlantic so I’ll have to send mine off for at least 90 days :(

It has put me in quite a tizzy. 

I had already been looking into getting an upgrade, but it would be a pretty big investment. If you know anything about Nikon cameras the 3000 models are the most affordable out of all the series, and it works great. However the 500 models are amazing, I mean it does everything……and some more.

Either way I’ll have to figure all this out over the next few weeks but in the meantime I plan to stay busy here on the blog regardless. 

I’m still going to post pictures of what’s currently happening in my kitchen. It will be very casual and laid back! I’ve been trying tons of  healthy and grain free dishes and want to share some of that as well.  

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

And remember….. keep all your valuable items in a safe place! ;)



Cheddar Cheese Biscuits and Chorizo Gravy

Chorizo Gravy 3Biscuits and gravy are my idea of a perfect meal! I’m a country girl and I love sage sausage with a thick and creamy gravy poured all over some fresh homemade buttered biscuits….

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Clean on the Inside Clean on the Outside!

 It’s Spring time and I’ve been busy cleaning! This season bring so much newness!  The sun shines, the temperature rises, flowers bloom, and I wake up with the sound of singing Blue Jays!

This year the weather hasn’t been exactly what I expected or wanted for the first days in Spring but the show must go on.

I wanted to give you a little insight into what else is being cleaned over here at Casa De Christina.

1. Cleaning house

I let some of my house work get behind, and now that spiders are coming out for the season I’m working on cleaning, behind under and on top of furniture, walls, and floors  making sure no dust is left behind. No dust, no webs, no spiders!

2.Cleaning out my closets 

I’m purging my tiny closet of old clothes, too small clothes, and things I will never wear again…ever. It’s getting ridiculous,  I have given away so much stuff,  jeans, favorite shoes, winter coats and the list goes on!  I hold on to things if I know I spent too much on them just so I won”t feel guilty.

That’s not working and my husband is annoyed now that things are spilling into his closet!  I had piles of clothes I was meaning to sale on EBAY( my side hustle years ago)  but never did. Someone is going to hit the jackpot at our local goodwill store, cause I donated EVERYTHING!

Honestly I have not been shopping for clothes in a good while, and it’s because I already had useless clothes hogging all the space. This will give me some space to reassess what I already have and what I really need. Also preventing wasteful spending! 

3. Cleaning out my budget

This one is pretty self explanatory. I’m being more cognizant of what and how I’m spending and stop spending on things I don’t need. 

4. Cleaning up my goals

Our family has long term goals but I need to set and follow through on our short term goals. We set a three year goal to sell our house and buy a new one two years ago, but that’s it. I wish we would of set more short term goals to keep us accountable for the things that are important for a successful sale and purchase to happen.  I need to set short term goals and hold myself accountable as I go along. This is important when it comes to blogging as well! It’s difficult with the little ones but I’ve made a commitment to set short term goals and follow through.  

5. Cleaning out my body

 I went to my Doctors Appointment this past week and have one more appointment coming up. I am having an unbearable time losing these last 15 pounds and I really cant figure out why. It’s not like me to have this much trouble dropping a few pounds. I had some blood work done and I’m praying it’s just my diet and the low intensity of my current workout regimen that’s causing the stall in weight loss.

I’ve already started adding a LOT of cardio! .

I found a Bikram Yoga studio that’s less than five miles from my home and I can’t wait to take my first class! I’ll be sharing my experience with that soon!

6. Cleaning out my mind

This just means I’m staying positive in my thoughts and controlling where my mind wonders more often. I’ll have so much going on in my mind that I have to backtrack several thoughts just to find out how I got there.

It never makes any since and most the times I forget. I’ve been doing small meditation sessions and controlling and/or stopping all the thinking and personal conversations going on in my brain.

Sometimes I wonder does my head size have anything to do with all the thinking, I mean seriously before I started meditating it wouldn’t stop! 

If you have a larger than average head as do I, please let me know if you too are plagued with endless thoughts as well? :)

7. Cleaning out my soul.

Prayer still works! Hallelujah I’m focusing on all my blessings and my relationship with the Lord. I started Lent a few weeks ago and it’ll be a wrap this week coming up! I’m excited to celebrate his Resurrection, and I’m pastel and church lady hat ready! 

I’m in constant meditation and initiating positive thinking throughout the day! I’m excited to start this new yoga class, not just for fitness but also for the way it connects mind, body and relaxation! 

8. Cleaning up my relationships

Relationship with friends and (extended) family has taken a back burner in my life.  I just want everyone to stay connected and enjoy each other. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Relationships take work and time and overall I’ve been neglecting my relationships with everyone outside of our home. It is taking a toll on me and my productivity as well. I need to spend more time with my friends and other relatives.

I blame the technology! It can be a great tool to stay connected to far away loved ones but for me anyways I am neglecting all of the people right here in my own community and environment! It’ easy getting updates and checking on family and friends by simply logging onto Facebook, but what about spending time together….maybe even in the same ROOM?! Wouldn’t that be something? I know I’m missing out on a lot by staying so intertwined into my own little world that I forget about old friends and miss opportunities to make new ones. 

I plan on getting together with some old friends and being more active with local social groups I’ve joined but haven’t followed through with.  

9. Cleaning out my schedule

I’m completely cleaning out my schedule of space being filled with worthless activities that deserve no attention. For example, spending precious time getting caught up in NAY- NAY and the rest of the Drama on RHOA is not productive. It fills my mind with a bunch of BS that I can’t use and won’t help me reach my goals. Reality T.V is my most guilty pleasure I have developed when I started staying at home with the kids full-time. I record the episodes and watch it late at night when the rest of the family is sleep, which sounds harmless enough but in reality I could be doing something more productive. Even if it’s just reading a good book, I want to feed my brain with good and positive things instead of polluting it with the mundane! 

It’s about time I find something more productive to do with this time! 

10. Lastly I’m looking for someone to clean out my blog

I want a clean and easy to navigate site. I love the simplicity of what I have going on right now, but it’s not loading correctly across different internet engines, my pictures aren’t doing what I want, and it moves slow as snails.  I need to find someone to help get this all together.  My family and friends always call me for recipes they may have seen on my blog and I’m like,” just go to the blog”.

Well easier said than done. I’ve noticed it’s not only difficult to navigate it’s really boring and blah! If you have any suggestions for a good wed designer/developer that won’t take my arm and leg please shout them out! 

Can’t wait to get this whole cleaning party started!

Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter! I want to connect with every single one of my readers so if you find me I’ll  follow back! 

Next week I’ll be back posting some more mouth salivating recipes!  

This SPAM is out of hand!


I just wanted to pose a question for all my fellow bloggers!

What do you do about all that SPAM?! I mean seriously it’s getting out of hand.

I’ve installed a Plugin, but I still have to go through the majority of the SPAM and comments being very careful not to erase comments from “real” people. 

If you’ve ever made a comments and it was not approved, I might have accidentally erased it on one of my select all and trash rampages! :/

Most times I log on to my dashboard dreading the amount of SPAM, I’ll be greeted by.

I want comments to be posted as soon as there made, without moderator approval. If you have any good spam checker comment plugins please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated :) 

If you are a blogger, are you having the same SPAM problems? 

If so how do you sort, mark and delete SPAM?

If you have any other plugin recommendations please shout them out below!

Married and Dating: Perfectly Imperfect Date Night

georgetown cupcakesDating can be a lot of work by itself, when you throw in kids a mortgage, a long marriage, stressful jobs, and did I say kids, it becomes even more of a hassle.  It’s so easy once you’re married and “settled” into life to complete the daily duties without much passion or variety. There so much to do it can feel impossible to give extra time and attention to anything, let alone a marriage that is working just fine.

Is “just fine” enough?  I mean we talk, we have no major issues, we kiss in passing, and routinely say “I love you”, but I want our love to be extraordinary not ordinary. I’m big enough to understand it’s not reasonable to expect college years carefree love. Because we have a bunch of care now. However, I think we can conjure up a bit more passion within our marriage. …

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